1986 Honda Civic Si – Team Effort


I wanted to get rid of 10s, so we did with relative ease. Accomplishing an objective like that is one thing, but doing the work in a 26-year-old classic Honda chassis is yet another. Shawn Hong of LasNevada and Vegas, was able to achieve his goal with time, patience, and good people in his corner.

Finding one in decent condition is no easy task, though many Honda enthusiasts would like to own a timeless Civic E-AT chassis. It seems as though fate was on Shawn’s side as timing proved essentially perfect for him in getting the car the thing is before you. He didn’t buy it recently to develop it and have something old fashioned, he purchased it a lot more than 10 years ago. In fact, it was the very first car he ever owned. I got it with my first paycheck from my first job, Shawn reminisces. Getting that first paycheck must have been a great feeling, as a young man who had just worked at his first job. Do you all keep in mind the first dollar that you earned? Did you are aware what you desired to buy with your newfound income? Or did you just want to input it away and stack it until the right time and item came along? Well, no matter what Shawn might have planned, that first check was about to disappear together with the quickness; he just didn’t know it yet. Understandably, Shawn drove instantly to the bank and deposited his money. But it didn’t continue in there even half of a company day. Literally, the day I put the funds in the bank I saw the car on the side of a street in the gas station having a ‘For Sale’ sign onto it asking for $800. The choice to purchase the car was made in that very instant, so Shawn turned back around to get and go his money. I went back and took all the money out of the bank again. LOL. Finding out the clutch in the vehicle was going out, he offered $500 to the seller, and theon the car. Well, he also isn’t ashamed to admit that it may not have access to been just basic driving that blew it out, as he did race the car as soon as he got it. After getting that fixed and making sure the car ran properly, Shawn had the car painted and readied for his day-to-day commute to school. Although he did use it as a commuter, he also continued with the lead foot of his, which eventually led to a difficulty a lot greater than just the clutch. I beat on the car day in and outing until the timing belt went out on me, he says. This time Shawn optimized on the circumstances and used the mishap as an opportunity to discover how to work on the automobile. I did everything except the machine work, Shawn states proudly. Not too long after that, he decided to swap out the original motor for any B16, and with the help of some friends, knocked out the swap. Unfortunately, the auto never ran quite right, which caused Shawn to find a professional shop, ultimately creating his becoming friends with Dennis of LDL Speed Shop of Las Vegas.

Shawn’s newfound relationship with LDL proved to be providential as proper experience and guidance are invaluable when doing something to a car. Dennis and Marissa are the most honest mechanics/shop owners in Las Vegas. Aside from the work being arguably the very best in Vegas, they learn how to treat their clients and have informed me many times generally if i was wasting my time and money, Shawn states. I made the decision to ‘go big’ and build an LS VTEC turbo setup. I needed to break 10s. So they got down to business and put together an LS block with Arias pistons and Eagle rods. Up top, a B16 head stuffed with a Skunk2 valvetrain and Integra GS-R camshafts was prepped for battle. For induction duties, a Precision T4 ball-bearing turbo was mated into a Neukin equal length manifold. The end results have yielded a rock-solid 464 hp and 341 lb-ft torque on LDL’s Mustang dyno. I told Dennis I needed to break 10s, which we did with relative ease. We ran a 10.7 at 132 mph. Eventually 9s are later onfor this car. Shawn intended to develop a well-rounded vehicle, so after achieving the first goal of running 10s, he took a break and focused on the exterior as well as engine bay. I made a decision to pretty up the car a bit with a bit of body and paint and did a wire tuck. I did all the work myself. Although the car looks great and possesses earned its place within the pages of Honda Tuning, Shawn isn’t satisfied. It looks great in pictures, but I would really love to redo the task again, eventually retune for the higher horsepower needed for our quarter-mile goals, and then find some good new wheels. Good luck on the quest for 9s, Shawn. We enjoy seeing what youturned offin 5So VW of America planned to unleash some modified Bugs in the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas last November, encouraging a number of tuners to have a go.

Without hesitation, VW tuning shops across the nation accepted the task to work in the iconic vehicle. These included fifteen52, FMS Automotive, Galpin Auto Sports, Rotiform, VW Vortex and even european car Magazine. Many of us put the Beetle under the knife in the hope of changing people’s perception concerning theThanks to Irwindale Event Center for the use of the oval track for our photography (irwindalespeedway.com)

Once the projects were completed we all headed to the 2012 SEMA Show to distribute the cars among the two million square-foot of trade exhibition space. The required effect was achieved; the cars winning the admiration and respect of visitors, with VWVortex taking home one of several show’s top honors: the PlayStation Gran Turismo – Best European award.

Yet with the cars widely dispersed, we thought it would be fun to gather them into one space and review everybody’s hard work. Our own Surf Bug was featured last month (EC 4/13), so we’ll brush over it here somewhat, and sadly the Vortex car was receiving work with the East Coast and unavailable for that shoot.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a Beetle project car, we’ve got a pretty diverse bunch for you to enjoy, whether you’re seeking show, go or both, that said.


We’ve all done it. We buy our significant other an automobile, swearing we won’t touch it. But as time passes, you wait for the other half to have over the honeymoon period with the car and swoop in, just adding a set of wheels. Then you just add an intake and exhaust. Finally, you decide to just add air suspension and gut the interior, sending the car for bodywork and paint plus a rare imported body kit. Like we said, we’ve all tried itintended to be hers – after all, she picked it all out at the dealership. But after a few months behind the wheel, Jay possessed a conversation with Matt Crooke at fifteen52 – specialists in wheel design and custom vehicle builds – and couldn’t help himself. He gave his girlfriend a few months with all the car after which began the build process for its debut at SEMA.

First up was the baseball-glove interior. Operating from a home workshop, a local interior guru (simply known as Adrian) helped Jay realize his vision for a stunning interior inspired from the original Audi TT.

After several long nights with Matt, the atmosphere Lift air suspension with AutoPilot v2 management was installed, allowing the car to sit very, really low. And since Matt and Jay return 15 years, they devised an idea to develop unique wheels for the car – producing a show-stopping set of 20 Tarmac TR three-piece wheels with brushed aluminum centers framed with polished lips. Needless to say, the new wheels took home the most notable prizes at SEMA for the bestlast year saw Rhuari McAulay finally drive home the car he’d waited 16 months to come. It would be his first modern, high performance Volkswagen and it was actually a treat to himself after an intense open-heart surgery operation one-year prior.

His 2012 Golf R was one he needed to own and, of course, the history starts with an enthusiast likely to keep it stock and enjoy it. But everyone knowsgatherings, events and shows whenever he is able to.

Living in Vancouver places him in close proximity to one of the best-known VW tuners on earth; HPA Motorsports. Highly regarded for its all-wheel drive and twin-turbo VR6 conversions, HPA fills all the gaps from mild to wild.

So while the Golf R was a departure from its traditional VR6 roots, company owner Marcel Horn realized it absolutely was an important car and sought out one as being a testbed for a few development parts.

Not only was Rhuari fortunate enough to be selected to receive these parts but Marcel had decided to take just four days to put together his car in time for the 2012 european car Tuner GP (EC 2/13).

He called the setup get fast quick , turning a four-door hatch into a genuine track contender. But don’t be fooled: while the kit isn’t excessively technical, it’s not something you could do in your driveway in three hours either, despite Marcel’s assertion it’s a DIY conversion.

Drawing on existing developments by long-time German tuning partner, HGP Turbo, HPA took a Garrett GT30-71/76 turbo and mated it with its own prototype exhaust manifold, high-flow fuel injectors and low-compression head spacer. These were paired with a new high-pressure fuel pump and front-mount intercooler to breathe new life to the 2.-liter four-cylinder.

02 2012 volkswagen golf r BBS CH R titanium wheels

05 2012 volkswagen golf r HPA quad chamber exhaust

06 2012 volkswagen golf r badgeless grille

In fact, during the dyno day at our Tuner GP the car put down 392hp to the wheels at 6700rpm, with 350 lb-ft at 5000rpm. With the boost set at 26.5psi, it had been a whisker shy of your 410hp HPA had predicted but a good increase across the stock 256hp at the crank.

Undoubtedly, a few of that increase was on account of the stainless downpipe and mid-pipe with 100-cell cat employed to keep the device free-flowing. The quad-chamber bypass exhaust is actually a work of art and also the subsequent sound is somewhere within a vicious growl as well as an air compressor purge, based on RPM.

Keeping the power under control is a Stage 3 Spec clutch, transferring drive to a set of gorgeous 19×8.5 BBS CH-R Titanium wheels and the 235/35 Continental ExtremeContact DW tires that were specified for participation in our Tuner GP.

Naturally, the build wouldn’t be complete without addressing how the car rotates into corners, so KW Clubsport coilovers were fitted to provide road manners and track-day prowess.

Inevitably, the Golf R’s Haldex AWD system could benefit from some tweaking, so HPA added a Haldex Gen4 Competition controller. This was designed to transfer more power to the rear wheels, reacting faster and more aggressively compared toline of European big brake kits utilizing Baer calipers. The R involves a halt with six-piston calipers up front, clamping 355mm rotors with factory rear calipers and slotted rotors.

The result of the chassis and engine mods was really a best lap time throughout the Streets of Willow circuit of 1: 32.035 during the Tuner GP. However, it was achieved with some rather worn tires as the result of intensive set-up laps during the morning practice sessions. There’s no doubt they needed a tad bit more time in a vehicle and fresh tires however it represents a valiant attempt for a car that was only completed several days prior.

So, while no area was skipped in the build, HPA laid out a clear path to transforming your R into a badass street car that’s equally at home on the track or maybe in the passing lane.

It’s not a built motor with standalone engine management, either, though no, it’s not a simple weekend project. Rhuari’s car represents a happy medium, and you know he was happy to discover he have got to keep each of the parts except the turbo… but we’re pretty sure HPA has another on its shelf if he decided he can’t live without its Tuner GP spec.

2012 VW Golf R

Rhuari McAulay

Vancouver, Canada

Engine 2.-liter four-cylinder TSI 16v with HPA GT30-71/76 turbo, head spacer, prototype intake manifold, high-flow fuel injectors, high-pressure fuel pump, front-mount intercooler, downpipe, mid-pipe with 100-cell cat, exhaust bypass system

Santa Paula Chevrolet

How to Actually Earn A Buck In Today’s Music Industry

One of the greatest ruses in the American dream is the fact to be a musician you have to be broke and broken, never seeing a profit, never making enough money to even get a new set of strings. Well I’m here to tell you that it is possible to indeed generate profits and it’s not impossible like you’re lead to believe by the man. It’s also not the way you think, though it is possible and it’s not as hard as you think. It used to be you needed to get signed to deal and they’d give you millions and you’d be rich just like that. In fact, which had been never the situation, it’s exactly how it seemed from the outside. But here’s ways to actually earn an income being a musician.

It’s All About the Merch


You really money in ways that maybe your dad’s band never was required to. People still want to spend money on the music that they can like, it’s just that they no longer feel the need to spend money for the actual music itself. If you’re a musician, you can either sit around whining about it and posting to Facebook about how exactly no one buys music anymore, or you can do something about it and think beyond the box, We’re so employed to downloading stuff and getting the actual tunes free of charge that. That’s where creative and interesting merchandise is needed. Sell fun cool things with your logo (like beer koozies). If you want to sell your actual music, hand design the CD cases or market it on vinyl, also. Make it the commodity worth collecting.

Hit the Road


You absolutely have to hit the highway. Gone are the days where you can just hang in your home town playing shows for your friends hoping that someone will discover you. You go out to make the whole dang country your home town, and show the longer term labels that you can generate a market and a fanbase, and then they’ll come knocking down your doors. You’ll need a good car for this adventure so find something nice and cheapcheap and reliable at Nissan Alhambra. They’ll be good on gasoline consumption and won’t let you down. Compare to the cars at Downtown Nissan and ensure to book a ton of shows. 300 per year is good.

Good Cover Song


Record it in your genre, though and whenever all else fails, you should cover a song that is not in your genre. So if you’re a folk artist, have a hip hop song and make it folky. And if you’re inside a rock band, take a pop song and make it a rock song. Create a great little video because of it and off you go as a viral sensation. But that’s where shows and merchandise comes into play. If you make a viral video, you have to at least provide the people something they can buy in case they would like to spend money on you!

Top 5 Old-School Chassis


Some would argue that the old school automakers did it best. The formula was simple: Build a car that further unifies the bond between man and machineBut believe it, because it’s exactly where this story begins.
Underneath the beefy exterior is where most of the work has actually been performed, even though The Celica’s outward appearance might be its focal point.Equally at home on Japanese drift circuits as it is on rally stages throughout Europe, the rear-drive pocket rocket is a favorite for the racer on a budget, but its popularity means loads of them bought an early ticket to the scrap heap in the sky. It’s made finding a good, factory-spec car nearly impossible.
That’s only half the problem. A starring role in the Initial D series has given the AE86 a cult following, and as a result the last straight survivors are not only hard to find but sought after as show cars, and are rapidly climbing in value. They’re no longer the performance bargain they once were. Christine and glanceWe can all dream, although many of us, unfortunately, will never own one. These Skylines aren’t exactly easy to come by and those who are lucky enough to acquire one aren’t likely to ever let them go. Roy De Guzman, the owner of this ’72 2000 GT, searched tirelessly for his over six years ago.
Not totally impossible, although Finding a Hakosuka Skyline is a bit of a task. A chance of finding one in really good condition, however, is another story. The ones that are usually on sale require some work, because they aren’t in the greatest of conditions.

Why we love it: The unique styling and racing pedigree of this legendary car is enough to put it at the top of our favorite old school chassis.

Full article: Hakosuka 1968-1972 Nissan Skyline

2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe Black Series – First Drive


One glance around this car and you instantly see its DTM roots. In the muscular front fenders, generous adornment of carbon fiber and big trunk-mounted wing, you know the ‘B’ in Black Series is short for Business.

There aren’t many cars that could pull off this look, particularly whenis the perfect Mercedes currently available, hands down. Unfortunately, only 800 were produced and each is definitely spoken for. So, it is possible to scour the online classifieds for the car you seriously need to own if you’re drooling for one.

Inspite of the trend of special models and cosmetic-only alterations, the C63 is upgraded in just about every area. It offers every purpose of matching its looks with brutal power, face-deforming grip, organ-failing brakes and a satanic spit from the quad-tipped exhaust. The C63 Black is Germany’s true musclecar.

Over its weaker C63 AMG sibling, the Black receives a 59hp bump (now 510) and 14 lb-ft (now 457). These numbers are enough to rocket the unattainable Coupe to 60mph in 3.7sec. Batshit wheelspin and rev-limiter banging are a necessary part of the experience, though with many wider rear rubber it’d be even quicker.

It’s as if the gas pedal is connected directly to your adrenal glands: the noise, the energy; it’s a tantalizing battle between sanity and fun, only to reward you with endless ability. While you could probably show up to a Formula Drift event and be competitive in the Black Series, we must mention it can grip like Velcro with a wool sweater if you behave. This impressive traction is attributed to a lot of things, but as whole, the Black Series was simply made to work well in every area except fuel economy.You may laugh at the friend who modified his M3 with aftermarket parts because your Black Series was included with everything he yearns for. There’s no modification wish list here; the car is all you need. It’s a pitbull, from fenders to tires.

The front track is about 1.6″” wider, hiding 255/35 R19 tires under 1.1″” wider fenders, even though the rear carries a 3″” wider track and 1.6″” wide fenders hugging 285/30 R19 tires. Oh, and the brakes… they’re unbelievable. Actually, they’re so good; they feel better than the new SLS GT.

There’s no fade, not even a hint of this. And the pedal feel is somewhere between perfect and idealsince the C63 Black Series feels ferocious enough to catapult you in the 200s. Granted, 510hp isn’t all that much these days, but this car uses every inch of each and every hoof on all 510 horses.

Are you currently concerned this German beauty is too intense for road use and strictly geared for the track? Don’t be; it’s still a Benz. The seats are 14-way power adjustable, there are cupholders and rain-sensing wipers, a built-in garage door opener and cruise control. It’s a properly-equipped road car with weekend warrior intentions.

If there’s only one car you can own, the correct answer is now pretty clear, when somebody asks. Sell an organ, inform your wife she needs a well used Civic, your kitchen extension is overrated, and credit card debt is awesome. The C63 AMG Coupe Black Series has a long name, however it deserves every letter. It’s among the finest do-it-all vehicles you are able toarms and hubwith out, it’s not the new Wagon. With the addition of the all-new Gran Turismo to the line-up, bMW has expanded the 3 Series range in each and every sense of the term.

Described as a far more spacious and practical 3 Series, it has a higher hip-point that purports to retain each of the dynamics of their sedan, while adding more practicality. Plenty of it. Roughly BMW tells us. Although in reality it’s less than straightforward since the 3 Series DNA is sort ofWithin the flesh it seems as big as it feels. The 3 GT’s swollen dimensions add gravitas as well as awkwardness to its lines. It’s a fastback that looks SUV-lite in the stance.

Best seen in the M Sport trim, it offers more aggressive front intakes, larger 19″” wheels along with a revised rear bumper. Is claimed to smooth turbulent airflow on the front wheels to benefit economy, even though the flanks have an additional feature line to break up what might otherwise be slab sides, and the boomerang-shaped ‘breather’ behind the front wheel isn’t only a visual trick.

Key to the increased scale is definitely the wheelbase stretch that adds a whopping 4.3″””” over the sedan, resulting in rear legroom to rival its big brother, the 7 Series.

The tapering roofline might be a hindrance, even though the trunk can swallow more than the 3 Series Wagon. Yet it’s undeniably capacious, plus it feels big; the cabin is similar to the Sedan however with more head-, shoulder- and legroom. As well as thethe extra space comes without any loss in driving dynamics. No less than, that’s exactly what it says publicly. Privately they admitted its extra usefulness brings a softer side but the M Sport version we drove was able to mask it. The 19″” wheels, M Sport adaptive suspension and stiffer anti-roll bars made it feel decidedly sporty. The car also sat 10mm lower than a normal GT, which normally sits 25mm greater than the sedan…

No level of suspension could disguise the GT’s additional bulk, as well as the stretched wheelbase slowed its cornering turn-in response. The 335i’s familiar N55 3.-litre turbo engine countered our misgivings, however. The smooth yet ferocious delivery was addictive, and loosening the electronic safety net allowed the rear wheels to help the fronts find their cornering angle.

We were almost surprised that you can drive the GT in extremis, but it’s best enjoyed as its name suggests – as a grand tourer. The refinement and additional interior space creates a relaxed attitude as well as theWhether there’s a gap in the market involving the 3 Series Sedan and Wagon remains to be seen, but active families who are looking for versatility, comfort and satisfaction might want to think about the GT over some of the crossover competitors.

The 3 Series Gran Turismo arrives this summer as both a 328i and 335iaround the automotive ladder. The 2014 E offers cutting-edge safety measures scheduled for the following generation of S-Class, in addition to a new face and slightly revised tail.

Dual cameras positioned close to the rearview mirror work in harmony with sound and radar sensors to create a multi-dimensional image of what’s going on across the car inside a 360? sweep. It can look at the direction and speed of moving objects while assessing the possibility risks. The central “”brain”” can then apply the brakes or steering to avoid accidents; or mitigate them, at leastIf oncoming traffic is sensed, this technology is commonly used on things like Active Lane Keeping, that can gently brake the wheels on one side of the car to return anyone to your lane: By moving the steering would apparently spook the operator too much, doing this. And there’s the option of full parking assistance that only requires you to identify a location and select gears.

The captain of a nuclear submarine would want this kind of technology. And the great thing is, it never gets drowsy or distracted. In fact, the E-Class can also retain the driver alert with its improved Attention Assist that now works across a wider speed range, with its sensitivity adjusted from the user.

The range and permutations allow an almost made-to-measure car, though for the US market, the 2014 E-Class will be offered either in Luxury or Sport trim.

Luxury brings a normal grille and hood ornament; Sport puts a large three-pointed star in the center of the grille.

From the interests of family resemblance, the previous “”four-eyed”” appearance was jettisoned for larger headlights with LED DRL strips. Unfortunately, we won’t see one of the cars neatest updates: The feds are behind the curve on allowing anti-dazzle technology. The Euro-spec headlamps can “”see”” vehicle lights and adjust the beam accordingly. So, a driver can remain on high beam, enjoying better visibility, and permit the tech do the rest.

On the bright side (excuse the pun), American lights will continue to switch to low beam if the oncoming vehicle’s lights are detected. And will still illuminate turns with the steering angle.

The updated E-Class portfolio also sees alterations in the engine bay. The entry-level car will now be diesel-powered: the 2014 E250 Bluetec is reasonably surprising, given American potential to deal with oil-burners, but the 2.-liter, four-cylinder develops 204hp and 369 lb-ft as a result of a twin-turbo set-up.readily accessible surge to achieve highway speeds and for overtaking. You might also forget it’s diesel thanks to the quiet cabin, although highway consumption expected to be the high 30s will remind you in the pumps.

Gasoline is combusted by the E400. The latest engine is actually a 3.-liter V6, aided by two turbos, offering 333hp and 354 lb-ft. It fits into the E-Class aura of effortless ability but we need to wait until 2014 for this model.

An exterior revamp is matched with a new-ish interior. Still recognizably Benz-like, some cleaner lines and an extra air of class courtesy of the center console’s square-faced analog clock.

Since not bothering to read through any manual is the default position for nearly everyone, it could take a while to have an iPhone integrated with the infotainment system. Once that’s done, however, the menus are quite obvious enough to navigate. There’s also the option of a Bang & Olufsen high-end music system, which is beautifully clear and detailed.

What Is The Personality Of Your Car

Whereas we have seen a lot of talk about how the car you drive reflects your personal personality traits, have you thought about the actual personalities of the cars themselves? Well, just think “Disney” for a while and all will become clear, they have been liable for bringing us such characters as Herbie and Lightning McQueen in the end.


Cartoon drawings, special effects and camera trickery aside, recent reports have suggested, well, let’s say confirmed that people do see certain personality traits in various breeds, okay makes and models of motor car.


Film makers and toymakers have long toyed with our brains to make us believe that cars actually have faces (the window towards the personality), but according to studies we didn’t actually take very much convincing of that anyhow.

It’s about facial expressions – they are said to portray such character traits asanger and aggression, sadness or masculinity and also the opposite traits.

Apparently 90 per cent of cars have got a “”face”” which is often associated with either that of a human or that of an animal. It always goes something similar to this:

• The headlights are the eyes of the face (no surprises there)

• The grill or the emblems can represent the nose

• Any additional air intake slots could be representations in the mouth

Individuals the studies were also asked to rate each of the models shown against 19 different character or personality traits likedominance and friendliness, gender etc., and whether or not they actually liked each car.

Around 96% of the people in the study agreed on whether a particular car was submissive or dominant. This high percentage means that there ought to be a very consistent message being sent outside the “faces” of such cars.

Cars which were felt to have powerful and dominant personality traits had elongated hoods, angular headlights suggestive of a frown and lower slung, pronounced bodies. At the opposite end of this scale the cars which were classified as childlike, female, friendly and submissive had headlights which were even closer to the midline of the design plus an upward shift towards most lateral points from the car. This will make the car look like it is “smiling” – rather like The Love Bug himself.


It is not unusual for people to discover “faces” in lots of inanimate objects these days. The brain can pick out features in everything from clouds to trees, from the pattern in a stone wall to the way the shadows fall into the cliff. The cabability to “read” faces in this way is deeply rooted, giving us the ability to decide if we are at an increased risk or whether we can relax in the actual existence of a friendly face.

The findings of the study suggested however, that more people “like” cars which are masculine, arrogant, mature and rather angry rather than the friendlier, childlike motors.

It can give pedestrians some idea of the type of person sitting in the driving seat to pedestrians and other road users, even though this doesn’t necessary mean that drivers are interested in buy the particular car which appeals to their personality.

It doesn’t matter whether you are wanting to buy new cars or used cars in Ontario, they’ve got a great selection to choose from at Metro Nissan Redlands.

Go for a walk around the showroom and see if you can identify the personality of every car, and remember that just because you choose something which can be characterized as mean, aggressive and tough it doesn’t really mean that you are a secret warrior . . . although that just might be how the other road users see you.

2002 Honda S2000 – A By-Product Of Necessity


They say that this mother of invention is necessity, and in this case, it’s a father and son team from Springfield, Missouri. Both fell go heels for your S2000, even though duo of David and Adam Dorland are car fans who have owned and built several cars between the two. We never intended with a build.” It was all going based on plan until David got a call from his son, even though david recalls, “We wanted a great day cruiser, something cool. He adds, “I hadn’t even gotten the plates for the car. Adam called and said he blew the car.” Ouch.

Adam had done a number on the high-strung four-cylinder, putting their plans for a cruiser on hold. Weren’t pleased with what they found, even though david states, “The engine was shot as a result of my son, so we had to do something.” The pair began scouring local salvage yards and engine companies to source another one F20 mill. “Engines were hard to find for any decent price, and the ones that people could afford weren’t in the best of shape.” To keep the S2K from turning into a bird feeder, Adam pitched the idea of a K swap, and his dad was sold.

To get their car together, the pair turned to accomplished tuner Tony Laughlin at 2nrs Of Springfield for the install itself. David states, “Tony had done several K swaps in FWD cars, and when we told him what we wanted, he jumped at the chance.” Tony and Dave agreed they wanted to use as many OEM parts as is possible, so they started with a totaled TSX towards the tune of $1,500. A custom set of engine mounts and a transmission adapter were built, as well as an adapter plate to reuse the F-series intake manifold. Dave adds, “Reusing as much as we could cut down on the price and helped keep reliability up.” The head from the K24 was swapped out for a K20 version to enhance clearance in the firewall, and a Frankenstein RSX/S2000 wiring harness was infused so that K-Pro could be utilized. With the bugs worked out and the car running right, the guys turned their focus on making some real power. Skunk2 provided a full valvetrain along with a group of cams and a 74mm throttle body. By having an aggressive tune, a respectable 248 whp screamed out of the swap. Now with a 2.4L and VTEC coming on at 3,500 rpm, the car was much more pleasant to drive,” David relates, even though “The stock F20 was gutless below VTEC.just a keen eye would catch the MT drag radials perched out back.

Obviously, that’s the not the conclusion of the story by a long shot. The Dorlands weren’t, though you might have been satisfied with that impressive power output. They were hungry for more. The center of the turbo system is a Precision 6265 turbocharger straddling a custom-built manifold by using a TiAL 44mm wastegate and BOV. A Full Blown fuel pump paired with Injector Dynamics ID2000 fuel injectors keep the K series well fueled under stress. A custom intercooler and matching piping were needed to complete the setup. Tony had previously used a similar setup on FWD cars, and they’d put down a little over 400 hp on pump gas. This particular setup, using E85, made a whopping 510 whp at just 13 pounds of boost! When asked about potential, Tony explains, “ We could are making more, but we could only rev it to 8,400 rpm because we have been pushing beyond the limits of your stock oil pump. This is still a 100 percent stock block with stock rods, stock pistons, and rod bolts.” Power like that needs to be controlled, and the stock suspension had too much travel, so the OEM bits were replaced with a set of Skunk2 Pro C coilovers, and the standard all-season tires were ditched for a collection of super-sticky 255 Mickey Thompson drag radials on powdercoated stock wheels. The stock look continues throughout the exterior to avoid unwanted attention and so the father and son team could surprise anyone thinking the “little Honda” didn’t get the power to backup their grins.

Feeling which they finally had the cruiser that they wanted, but using more than double the power, and any thoughts of being “gutless below VTEC” a thing in the David, past and Adam could actually daily the auto if they wanted; it’s that reliable. As far as any future plans, the duo wants to just enjoy the ride as is-something we don’t hear much of with regards to feature cars. Dave closes with, “We’re not doing a thing. It’s done.”

2002 honda s2000 rolling shot

2002 honda s2000 cloth top down

2002 honda s2000 short antenna

Bolts & Washers


K20A2 cylinder head

K24A2 engine block

2nrs Of Springfield transmission adapter

2nrs Of Springfield intake manifold adapter

2nrs Of Springfield intercooler

2nrs Of Springfield intercooler piping

2nrs Of Springfield turbo manifold

2nrs Of Springfield 3-inch downpipe

2nrs Of Springfield exhaust

2nrs Of Springfield Innovative engine mounts

Skunk2 74mm throttle body

Skunk2 Stage 2 cams

Skunk2 valves

Skunk2 valvesprings

Skunk2 retainers

Full Blown Motorsports FB340 fuel pump

Full Blown Motorsports radiator

TiAL 44mm wastegate

TiAL blow-off valve

Precision PTE 6265 turbocharger

Competition Clutch Stage 5


Skunk2 Pro C coilovers



Wheels & Tires

OEM AP1 S2000 wheels

Mickey Thompson 255/50-16 drag radials






Hondata K-Pro


Wife and motherFirst, one!

Dream Car

Gemballa Mirage GT

Inspiration For This Build


Future Builds

Not sure maybe a jeep, maybe a bike


The truth is, it was anything but, although the Dorland boys might make a project like this appear like a walk in the park. A ton of Internet research and sourcing the donor car took weeks alone, in addition to the one-off parts. Once we couldn’t, we had to have custom pieces made.” Luckily, Missouri’s biggest tuning shops will be in their area, and some had a previous history with the Dorlands, namely GenuineSaab, even though david adds, “We tried to use OEM parts. A Saab tuning group, they took the wheel for the CNC portion of the trans adapter and intake adapter with the guidance of the 2nrs Of Springfield. When it arrived at boosting the K24/K20, they were in uncharted territory, which meant plenty of error and trial engineering. In Dave’s own words, that engine compartment was “too tight.” If you’re looking to conduct a turbo K swap within your S2000, just be prepared!

2014 Jaguar F-Type V8 S – First Drive


The 2014 Jaguar F-Type brings enormous expectations. It’s being explained by the car company as “The most important Jaguar in the last fifty years.” So, no pressure at all…

To sample the new sports car in the ideal surroundings, clear of the vagaries of winter weather, we were sent to the Navarra region of Spain to explore the 3 F-Type variants in the land of bull-running and Jambón.

The goal with this sultry drop-top is clear: lure buyers away from the German establishment and return Jaguar to its sporting heritage. Being blunt, Jaguar has specifically focused on competitors like the mighty Porsche 911 and Audi R8.

From sex entice road presence, technology and track prowess, these aren’t necessarily the cars to defeat, but rather to fit. The question remains, is the F-Type that car?

On first sight, you salivate in its presence. Your right foot twitches at the idea of mashing the throttle upon an open stretch of Spanish tarmac together with the top down. It’s this; the emotion the F-Type exudes – even when stationary – that will bring new buyers into a Jaguar showroom. And that’s exactly what they want. Jaguar estimated 90% of buyers won’t be existing customers.

You’ve got three choices: the F-Type, F-Type S and F-Type V8 S. The base model gets a 340hp 3.-liter supercharged V6 and is priced at $69895. Stepping into the F-Type S offers you a 40hp bump to 380 in the same motor, along with a price jump to $81895. And finally the V8 S sits atop the fleet with a 495hp 5.-liter supercharged V8 that maytimes during the 5.1, 4.8 and 4.2sec respectively for the three models, along with incremental top speeds of 161, 171 and 186mph.

In case the appearance and specification doesn’t tempt you, then Jaguar has priced each configuration 25% below the expense of the equivalent 911. Obviously Jaguar has a soft spot for Porsche, and we can’t blame them.

Driving around Pamplona, we weren’t expecting to be mesmerised on the country roads within the V6. How often does basics model leave you grinning? However the supercharged V6 engine has great power, plenty of torque (332 lb-ft to be exact) and an exhaust note that delights you due to the Active Exhaust option on our test car.

And it’s noticeable, the steering is 10% quicker than any Jag before it. The body structure is also stiffer and lighter than any previous Jaguar, and the Adaptive Dynamics damping system we sampled in the V6 S was more aggressive than ever before.

And although 340hp isn’t much by today’s standards, the F-Type’s eagerness is helped with the excellent eight-speed ZF transmission with what Jaguar calls Quickshift.

Don’t obtain your briefs in the bunch, there isn’t a manual offering. That doesn’t surprise us any more. And the number of F-Type buyers who’d opt for this is undoubtedly small. Quickshift lives as much as its name, proving you don’t want a dual-clutch system to shift rapidly or smoothly. In both full auto or manual mode (we preferred the paddles to theis another sweet ride. The 3.-liter is sharply responsive due to the roots-style blower providing instant boost whenever you hit the gas. Bigger brakes were another welcome addition on this model.

In fact, the V6 S was an amazing package. On the Circuito de Navarra, flying on the main straight at 140mph was effortless; a dab of the stoppers set you up for a slight right into a tight second-gear hairpin; the F-Type responding precisely to your commands. This car fits you like a Speedo.

The Jaguar engineering team continually emphasized the F-Type’s “Connected Feel.” It’s about proportional, precise and “immediate response to driver inputs.” And throwing the V6 S around the technical Navarra Circuit, their vision was undeniably evident.

The V6 S also gets a mechanical limited-slip diff. So whether power-on or even in transition, this can be one Cat that’s delighted to shake its tail, thanks in part to the 50/50 weight distribution.

This was the F-Type you can compare straight to the 911 Carrera. Is probably more of a road car by nature, though without driving them together, the F-Type certainly holds its own.

2014 jaguar f type v8 s quad tip exhaust

2014 jaguar f type v8 s front end

2014 jaguar f type v8 s side view top down

It’s not light, tipping the scales at 3521 lb for the V6 and 3671 lb for your V8 S, despite its aluminum construction. So while acceleration was awesome in each model, tossing so much weight around will never feel ideal when compared to the 3274 lb Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet PDK.

Yet Jaguar went to great lengths to produce a lightweight convertible, while seemingly sacrificing nothing in terms of overall structural rigidity or style. The fabric roof can be opened or closed at speeds up to 30mph, taking just 12sec in either direction.

The trunk is composite, despite the fact that like the XK and XJ, the F-Type carries a bonded-and-riveted aluminum body and structure panels.

The car hosts 141 aluminum pressings, 18 high-pressure die-castings and 24 extrusions, saving roughly 77 lb across a comparable steel structure. Jaguar even launched a new alloy called AC170 to form the wonderful clamshell hood. It’s pressed several times and can withstand more shaping and sharper angles than regular aluminum.

While the F-F and kind-Type S were impressive packages, we yearned for time with the V8 S. And whenever it happened, the chassis immediately felt up to the work of a 115hp boost from yourthrough the 19″””” found on the V6 S, and an even larger brakes with 15″””” front rotors and 14.8″””” rears, here is the top dog.

Quad exhaust tips spit, burble and pop similar to a Le Mans car, and through the quiet streets of Pamplona we were tempted to hold first gear in the slow sections to scare the birds and wake the residents with what may be one of the most sensual but violent factory exhaust notes we’ve had the pleasure of hearing.

Through all the models, the interior remains consistently sophisticated yet simple. They’re supportive for each type of driving, although the seats were taken for the XKR-S and we’d recommend the power controls.

The central air vents rise when needed, keeping visibility ahead as clear as possible. Finally, jaguar abandoned its rotary gear selection knob in favor of a much more traditional lever that’s predictably easy to use.

While it’s undoubtedly a small car with a compact interior, the F-Type is really a fine location to spend 30 laps or 300 miles.

The wonderful F-Type marks a truly exciting time for your British brand. Jaguar expects a 33% split between the three models but, as you might imagine, the V8 S gets our vote when it goes on sale over the summer. There is also a wide variety of personalization options when choosing a car, allowing you to alter interior and exterior finishes and colors, etc. However, each model is well equipped as standard and all possess a premium feel, with the F-Type V6 not sacrificing anything compared to the V8 S, except in terms of mechanical ability. The corporationGo ahead, take another look at the photos, specifically the engine “bay,” then browse through the spec list and reread the title for the third or fourth time. Now, let’s get down to business here. First and foremost, putting a V-6 into an Insight is downright wacky. Converting an Insight to rear-wheel drive is just crazy. Creating a one-off, mid-engine Insight is pure madness! No less than that’s the things i thought initially when i first laid eyes upon Mini Tec’s Frank-Insight build. Little did I understand, the build wasn’t even finished when this occurs; they had visions of a snarling turbo setup on the horizon.

Last summer, I’d run into Mini Tec’s website, superfastminis.com, while helping a colleague research swap options for early model Minis. Clicking with the site, I stumbled upon a massive inventory of Mini Tec custom-built components committed to making the art of swapping a VTEC powerplant into a Mini both safe and simple. Front, rear, and all of-wheel-drive conversion alternatives are the norm around this shop, nevertheless i was quickly pulled clear of any and all thoughts of Minis when I noticed the blue Insight you see pictured. A good look revealed an Acura TL swap sitting in the chest cavity of your once anemic gas sipper, and I immediately sent an email to get more information about this one-of-a-kind build.

The first question is, of course, “How do you develop something like this? ”

Mini Tec states, “Approximately 2 yrs ago, a possible customer inquired of the feasibility of fitting the complete first-generation Insight Hybrid system into a Classic Mini. We were intrigued, so we acquired a wrecked 2000 Insight donor and began dismantling it. When we removed battery pack, we discovered a tremendous vacancy aft the seat area. Previous experience with mid/rear engine cars gave us an idea. We’d been reading about J-series swaps in Honda Tuning, but considered the J too heavy and tall for the Mini. After a little quick measurements, we knew the J had found a new home. Using information from Honda Tuning, forums, and Don at RPM Systems, we decided on a ’03 TL engine with a ’04 Accord V-6 tranny and stock TL ECU.”

In need of an authentic car that belongs to them for the transplant, the crew took to Craigslist and ultimately came up with a salvage-titled ’02 with “minor flood damage.” Mini Tec adds, “The seller told us water only entered the floorboard area, and a quick inspection found no evidence otherwise. So, for a mere $1,800, we brought the car returning to the shop for disassembly.” Peeling back the layers, it was apparent that the Insight has been completely submerged in muddy water at some point as mud reared its ugly face on top of the headliner, hood insulation, and everywhere else. Prior to the fabrication magic began, a total teardown was in order.along with the complete rear suspension. We then transferred it to the jig rack and located the engine/tranny by matching the intermediate shaft with the axle centerline, then centering and squaring it.”

With all the engine in position, the suspension was tackled (see sidebar), and the wiring nightmare that is certainly almost customary with a once completely flooded vehicle began-and painfully carried on for quite some time. Having plenty of knowledge about Honda-based swaps, the shop found the engine and support wiring were child’s play. There were lots of wiring roadblocks along the way, however. Mini Tec states, “We had to replace wiper motors, window motors, all relays and fuses-even some switches. We learned a life lesson: never deal on a flood car! We spent as much time in the flood problems as we did on the swap! ”

With the wiring mess a subject put to rest, the TL Type S engine was fired up and the maiden voyage underway. The torque of the V-6 combined with the lightweight “slippery” chassis was incredible. Further testing revealed that with Mini Tec’s engine mounting and suspension strategies performing so well, even above the performance level of the TL swap, the chassis could indeed handle more. Some back and forth conversations with Don of RPM Systems, and both parties agreed that a turbocharged V-6 is the next step. A J35 Odyssey engine with a custom turbo kit overseen by an AEM EMS at just 8 pounds of boost belted out 400 rear wheel horsepower! At the svelte 2,200 pounds, the power-to-weight ratio is out of the world, and yes, they upgraded the factory brakes at all four corners.

Mini Tec says they’ve found a solid balance with the car and have a few more changes to make; namely a longer final drive, front caster adjustment, and some additional downforce. In the safety department, a new cage, harness, and proper seats will add some additional confidence when the hammer is dropped. Few are as far outside the box as Mini Tec’s mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive, turbo V-6 Frank-Insight, even though we’ve seen several unique projects pass through the web pages of Honda Tuning, a few of which reside within the pages of this very issue!ten years

Dream car

Ferrari 458 Italia

Inspiration for this build

Speed Nut

Future builds

More Insight changes

Suspension Fabrication

The act of converting a once gas-miserly front engine, front-wheel-drive commuter into the fire-breathing, mid-engine monster that you now see will not be one to be taken lightly. Beyond the extensive planning and extremely talented fabrication skills, the guys at Mini Tec have a ton of real-world experience under their belts. Adapting their hands-on experience from the industry of custom Minis to the otherworldly Honda Insight project, particularly the suspension department, was important to the project’s success. They explain, “Having previously developed a rear drive hub and trailing arm for the rear engine Mini, we used a similar design with the Insight. With the existing framerails in the rear, we had an issue with placement of the spring and damper, so we decided on a seesaw-type arm that pivots in the center by using a QA1 rock spherical bearing, along with a mount bolted directly into the stock trailing arm location. We used a 5-inch coilover shock mounted just aft of the seats on the forward end from the arm, having a hub about the rearward side. The rear suspension is entirely adjustable for camber, alignment, ride height, spring rebound, rate and compression.” That’s right, by using the compression- and rebound-adjustable coilover shocks jointly with cam-bolt adjustable hubs and transverse-mounted parallel stabilizer bars with adjustable rod ends. When Mini Tec takes on a project, they cover their bases.

How To Reduce Your Accident Risk

There’s no getting away from the fact that accidents do happen . . . which is sort of why they are called accidents . . . however – many “accidents” are actually avoidable which means that they aren’t really accidents by any means so we’ll call those accidents “incidents”. There are a few steps you can take which severely cut down on the possibilities of you being involved in an accident . . . or incident . . . or whatever else you might like to think of it.

Remove Distractions

Or at least scale back on them all the as you possibly can. Distracted driving is definitely as dangerous as driving while intoxicated by alcohol so, in real terms it’s a wise idea not to drive while you are drunk, neither will it be a good idea to drive while you are distracted. Our modern day world is full of distractions – cell phones, billboards strategically placed at the side of the road, stereo systems, even passengers and children squabbling in the back seat.


So, what can you do about it?

First, of all you need to concentrate on what you’re doing and attempt not to be distracted at all by billboards (sorry if you’ve paid a large sum to advertise your small business, but they really deserve to be ignored). If you want to talk make sure that you have a hands-free device in your vehicle, also, it is illegal in lots of states try using a cell phone while driving, including speaking and texting so.

Remember that roads are dangerous places which deserve your fullest attention.

Don’t Tailgate or Follow Other Vehicles Closely

This is certainly extremely annoying for the driver in front who may be being tail gated, and intensely dangerous for all else near you. Being tail gated is not only annoying but it additionally makes you really feel uncomfortable which is one more distraction. It’s also really dangerous if you don’t allow an adequate amount of a stopping distance between your vehicle and also the one in front.


The way to remember this is by both the second rule, and three seconds when traveling at faster speeds. Make sure that there exists at least a two. Alternatively, three second gap between your vehicle and also the one in front at all times.

Obey The Speed Limits

If you are involved in a car accident while speeding then you will be held liable for that accident . . . period. It doesn’t matter if the car pulled out in front of you without looking; the thought is that if you were driving in the speed limits you would have had the chance to stop. Snow or ice then you should drop your speeds well below the limit if the road conditions are bad because of rain. Slow down, stay safe and reduce the probability of being involved in an accident.

Always Fasten Your Seatbelt

Have you figured out why cars have seatbelts? No, they are not to make you uncomfortable on a long journey or perhaps to stop the children from killing each other with a long road trip . . . these are actually built to keep everybody in the car as safe as you possibly can. Modern vehicles are designed to crumple on impact and decelerate at a rate which keeps the occupants safe and seatbelts are made to slow your system down with the same rate as your car.


Many modern cars (like the ones at long beach fiat) are packed with modern safety features however, you can still do your part by following these basic rules in the road. Check out the great new models at OC Fiat though, when investing in the chance.

Carrera Coachwerks 550 Spyder Replica – DIY 550 Spyder


Who can deny the attraction of a classic sports car? Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a Porsche 356 Speedster or Jaguar E-Type, or can’t stop salivating across the Ferrari 250 GTO? But unless you have ample disposable income, most of us could only dream of such cars, maybe dipping our toe in the classic car market having an air-cooled 911 perhaps. Yet it doesn’t have to be by doing this…

There is a short cut to classic car ownership that can see you driving something as collectible and rare as the Porsche 550 Spyder, but at a fraction of the fee for the real thing.

If you happen to hadn’t guessed, we’re referring to classic replicas; the acceptable side of the rather forlorn kit car industry that previously embarrassed itself with awkward-looking Ferrari F40s in line with the Pontiac Fiero, or a Lamborghini Countach that sounded as an old VW Bug.

Fortunately, the industry came of age and most of the horror stories have disappeared into oblivion. We’re left with companies like Carrera Coachwerks (CCW) in San Diego, CA, to meet our sports vehicleHe came to fame after creating the Corvette-based Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona used in the Miami Vice TV series, but a lawsuit from Ferrari would see the show switch to a real Testarossa.

Thunder Ranch proceeded to create a amount of replicas based upon classic Porsche sports cars, including the 356 Speedster, 550 718 and Spyder-RSK, among others.

With Tom advancing in age, Theo Hanson had been planning to build his very own 550 Spyder replica for nine years. He investigated Thunder Ranch as a potential supplier and eventually saw an organization opportunity, bringing in friend Alan Cassell to mix their business experience.

Carrera coachwerks 550 spyder controls 13

Carrera coachwerks 550 spyder engine bay 07

Carrera coachwerks 550 spyder exhaust tip 03

After researching the replica market, the pair realized it was dominated by versions of the AC Cobra. They felt Porsche replicas were more recognizable towards the average enthusiast and expected the market to increase as curiosity about older Porsches continued to expand, however.

Additionally they hoped the brand new business would sit in between the cheaper Beetle-based companies creating 356 replicas, and also the very high-end specialists charging six-figures for the ultimate custom creation. As a result, they’ll either sell you a kit to build yourself, or create a replica you could enter in the vehicle show.

To Begin

Virtually all Porsche-based replicas use Beetle parts to some extent, from suspension or engine to the complete floorpan. CCW is no different, but with their own tubular chassis and suspension components, plus the ability to incorporate Subaru or Porsche boxer engines, the products are moving away from their humble origins.

That said, the kit car business happens to be about flexibility: providing the customer with the way to an end. In the long run, you want a Porsche replica, so where do you begin?

With CCW, you can purschase one if its DIY kits, whether it’s a 356A Coupe, 356 Speedster, 550 Spyder or 718-RSK (including a Ferrari 250 GTO based on a Datsun Z-car).

We’ll use the 550 as our example, using the basic kit comprising a fiberglass body, tubular chassis and A-arms beginning with just $12000. Once in your possession, you can build up your own car, installing the transmission and engine of your brakes, choice and interiorto a custom steel tubular chassis that can accommodate a number of different engines.

The suspension can either be lifted from the Beetle donor car to spend less. Alternatively, aftermarket pieces used. Increasingly, people are buying an older Porsche 911 and transferring the parts to the kit. However, CCW is in the procedure of building even more of its own suspension pieces, currently offering in-house shock towers and A-arms, with a lot more to come. They’re trying to reduce the number of components that must be sourced from old cars or that are becoming scarce.

Some customers choose their own, despite the fact that for the interior, CCW has its own seats and carpet obtainable in kit form. Whatever you decide, there are several recommended upholsterers who can ensure the desired quality.

Beginning with $25000 you can buy the Premium Upgrade Kit, which can be essentially a rolling chassis. It further includes the engine cover grilles, logos, installed windshield, fitted vinyl, carpet and seats gauges, trim, lights and wiring, plus torsion bar suspension. All you have to add is the engine and transaxle.

Obviously, these charges are approximate for the reason that customer can transform any of the specifications. You would like better seats, carpet or suspension… It’s utterly flexible, and that’s the attraction to this kind ofThe company can also provide your engine and transmission, if required. Again, these are integrated-house, including 1.9L or 2.2L air-cooled VW, 2.5L Subaru, plus anything from 1.8L 356 to 2.7L 911 Porsche motors. The choice of trans includes a VW Type 1 four-speed, Porsche 901 five-speed and even auto options.

At the top level, Carrera Coachwerks will sell that you simply turn-key sports car, Which is where more of the market is heading, explained Alan. Continuing with our 550 Spyder example, a car such as the one featured here would cost $85-90,000, depending on your final specifications.

This might seem like a huge chunk of change for a fiberglass kit, although the beauty is that only you together with a handful of experts will ever know. To everybody else, you own an incredibly rare part of automotive art and must therefore be a highly successful dude who’s good with the ladies – it’s all about first impressions!


The car featured here is the consequence of Theo’s nine-year quest for the ideal 550 Spyder. Having tracked eventually and down bought the company producing a good replica, he didn’t simply want to build yet another 550 kit car. After all, there are many companies building something similar, so CCW wanted to distinguish itself in the rest. So, as the purists might repulse in the 19 wheels, racing stripes and modified Theo, Alan and bodywork wanted to highlight the flexibility of the business. This can be their AC Cobra .

Building the car you desire is central to CCW’s thinking and this 550 is the proof. It’s the result of extensive research in to the replica market, while combining their favorite aspects of other Porsche models. It had been designed to be fast, having a bold Euro look that includes big wheels and lowered suspension. It’s deliberately less dainty in comparison to the original Spyder, yet it’s no less beautiful in person.

Carrera coachwerks 550 spyder shifter 05

Carrera coachwerks 550 spyder hood strap 08

Carrera coachwerks 550 spyder seatbelts 10

The industry is dominated by companies selling lower-end kits, though We make cars for the purist. To make our mark, we needed to take action different and realized nobody was touching the restomod movement. We should build cars for people who already own a Porsche 911 or Aston Martin and are used to the power and handling of a modern car, yet want the beauty of a classic sports vehicle, Alan explained.

Carrera Coachworks is calling it the 550 Evolution because it exaggerates the lines and proportions from the original. Your body is 3 wider and 4 longer, the fenders are taller and again wider, your back is longer and the chin is deeper. It has exhaust ports in the rear deck and a radiator exposed at the start. Looks healthy on its protein diet, though it’s a greater portion of a musclecar than the original ever thought about being.

The design called for a 2.7L engine from an early Porsche 911 under the hinged rear body panel, detailed with go-fast parts to scare passengers. With 230hp and weighing 2000 lb it’s an unforgettable drive.

Wheelspin is a necessary evil in something this light, even though the coilover suspension hung through the 3 tubular frame ensures the wide rear tires can provide maximum grip.The connection between the steering wheel and road is the old-fashioned kind – direct and incredibly talkative, with nothing to garble the information through the front tires.

Inside you find low-back seats and the minimum number of gauges to complete the job. There are embellishments in alcantara and carbon fiber that appear at odds with the car, but in line with the restomod spirit.

Finished in a classic silver hue, the bold stripes add a hint of AC Cobra, but it’s the massive wheels that dominate from every angle. Again that emphasizes the custom nature of these cars, although we’ve argued in regards to the finish, dimensions and design, with everybody having their own personal preference. They may be what you want. And this is what Alan and Theo wanted. Build your own if you want different!


Inevitably, California is among the hardest places to register a replica, with other states being the same or higher lenient. A turn-key car meets CA regulations by including a certain amount of parts from the donor vehicle. So, a $35-40,000 356 Speedster might be based on a 1969 VW Beetle and carry forward its registration. Or you can buy a 911 and incorporate it into the chassis to acquire a Porsche registration document.

Alternatively, CA does allow a limited quantity of Special Builds to be registered each year, which happens to be another route to consider. Either way, CCW can provide information on each State. Take into account the States are keen on meeting the emissions requirements than, say, the safety standards.

It’s also worth understanding that a number of insurance specialists gives you specialized coverage. Companies like Hagerty are appropriate for their familiarity with the industry and mightcourt action back in the ’80s, there are a number of companies making replicas of Porsche and AC/Shelby bodies without much interference.

It appears that as long as you’re not messing with modern designs, and not attempting to pass yourself off as being the original manufacturer, some leniency is granted. Whatever the legal standpoint, there are many companies from which to choose when deciding what car to build and who will supply it.

So with renewed interest in classic cars, and the value of originals being driven up by people trying to find investments outside the stock market, the kit car industry again offers a tantalizing route to sports car ownership minus the stratospheric prices of the genuine article. And also, since you’re not dealing with a museum piece, it’s perfectly acceptable to update the mechanicals for reliability and/or performance to create the sports car you want to own and, more importantly, is able to afford.

2014 BMW 435i – First Drive


Like most people, we’re occasionally skeptical of change. Sometimes you wonder why they didn’t simply leave it well alone, although often it can be refreshing. And so we approached the newest BMW 4 Series using a degree of trepidation, mourning the division of one of the greatest family ofWe were concerned there wouldn’t be sufficient differentiation involving the 4 and 3 Series to justify the newest nomenclature, but first sight of the attractive new 2014 BMW 435i Coupe put our minds relaxed. A BMW representative also explained that with extra models scheduled, it would be quicker to identify the workhorses in the racehorses – the F30 sedan can be joined by an F31 wagon and (F34) Gran Turismo model, while the F32 coupe would spawn an F33 convertible and even a (F35) Gran Coupe, and that knows if there’ll be an X4 SUV to follow?

On first acquaintance, the 2014 BMW 435i we’d be driving had elements of the 6 Series design, having its sharper nose and swage lines making a more defined wedge shape. There’s additionally a dose of 3 Series familiarity to preserve the family heritage, but overall the F32 looks pleasingly distinctive.

Its unique elements include a lower roofline and wider track than the 3 Series. The BMW 4 Series gets a different front-end, using new headlights (full LED option), slightly forward raked grille along with a front valance that ducts air around the wheels to smooth the airflow. They work along with the “boomerang” Air Breather gills on the side to contribute to the car’s low .28 Cd figure that helps with efficiency and stabilityWith its typical long hood and rearward cabin structure, the prominent swage lines across the flanks highlight the rear fenders. And for the first time on a BMW (we find this hard to believe), those rear fenders are wider compared to door handles. This emphasizes the car’s sporting nature, making the 4 Series appear more purposeful from the rear.

Being a BMW, it’s not all window dressing. The F32 gets the obligatory 50/50 weight distribution that made it so balanced in the Estoril racetrack where we sampled the auto. The 4 Series also sits 10mm lower than the equivalent 3 Series, and the core of gravity is below 20 – which makes it the lowest associated with a BMW and additional contributing to its stability and cornering ability.

The suspension underpinning the BMW 4 Series is distinct to the F30, having additional front bracing, different pivot points and also the lower ride height. We spoke to Sebastian Sauerbrei, head of 3 and 4 Series vehicle dynamics testing, who explained: Which is useful because it’s easier to change a sketch than the body in white.?, “The most essential thing for chassis tuning is the body… We have a good relationship with the designers?

Sebastian then outlined how the F32 has different control arm mounting points on new axle hubs, giving it a 19mm lower roll center than the F30. The new bracing reinforces the top subframe for the sill rails, creating a stiffer platform and allowing more precise reaction to steering inputs.

Similarly with the rear, the wider track required new components to mount the 5-link axle, repositioning the pivot points and altering the car’s characteristics in comparison to the existing sedan version.

2014 BMW 435i twin turbo engine cover

2014 BMW 435i red stitched interior

2014 BMW 435i red leather seating

The 4 Series coupe gets power steering with Servotronic speed-sensitivity. There’s yet another variable ratio rack option, which lessens input at low speed or in sudden maneuvers. The 435i has four-piston front brakes along with the cars were equipped with the wonderful eight-speed ZF automatic with paddle shifters. However, a no-charge six-speed manual is available on the 428i, 435i and 435i xDrive, the sole exception being the 428ix.

Is going to be better equipped, though starting at $40500 for the 428i and rising to $48000 for your 435ix, the BMW 4 Series coupe is priced considerably more than the equivalent sedan. It appears in the usual Luxury, M, Sport and Modern Sport Lines that bring their own equipment and trim levels to mirror the theme, with the sporting models getting black window surrounds, intakes, boomerang, valances and mirrors etc.

This was also our first chance to sample the new iDrive Touch controller that allows you to input finger movements onto its upper surface, spelling out a location, as an example.

The coupe gets automatic seatbelt feeders to save you reaching back for the belt after entry. There’s also an interesting optional two-tone side and door panel trim that makes the interior feel more cosseting. The red trim on our Sport models ran across the dash, as it does on the F30, and to the doors to generate more flow. While the rear bench was sculpted to create two individual seats – which is unfortunate for a fifth person, who would have to take a seat on the center divider…

As with the exterior, the modifications have created an alternative look and feel for the interior, which benefit the occupants and differentiate the coupe from the sedan.

You might have seen us driving the 2014 BMW 435i about the famous Estoril racetrack in Portugal in a video on Roundel magazine’s website. The surprisingly small but technical circuit gave the 435i a chance to shine, with long straights where it could enter into its stride, and tight hairpins to show the remarkable lack of body roll, plus the punch through the engine. With traction control off, the coupe would light up its tires without too much provocation, leading to some very predictable drifts that merely added to the overall entertainment.

2014 BMW 435i cornering

2014 BMW 435i side view

2014 BMW 435i rear view

The powerful brakes and precise steering gave you total confidence to keep pushing for the limits, with the stability control stepping in at the last minute to avoid any embarrassment.

The six-cylinder’s rich engine note and its abundance of torque allied to the wonderful eight-speed auto meant the engine was constantly in its sweet spot, able to power out of any turn, irrespective of how tight.

Crucially the car went exactly where you pointed it, even though we heard some complaints about lack of steering feel, that is inevitable with low-energy electric systems. With its natural balance, the 2014 BMW 435i is utterly predictable. This means you know what the car is going to do and may instinctively correct any situation.

For larger, heavier cars such as a BMW 4 Series, the notion of racecar steering feedback is redundant. And while we mourn its passing, the alternative we have here is an excellent replacement in exactly what is a truly excellent car for both the road and track. BMW has scored another perfect ten, though we don’t understand how they do it every time.